The Centenary Celebrations of Smt. Nyaypathi Kameswari (Akkayya) (February 2008 - December 2008)

The centenary celebrations were launched with fanfare in February, 2008 at a big function. The centenary Logo was inaugurated.

Balanandam organised “Ananda bazaar” a fun filled event with sports and food stalls.

An orphanage called Aadarana was supported by providing food material to nearly 90 children every month for the whole year. The children were main contributors.

A story writing competition was held at State Level in Telugu for children aged below 15 years. 19 best stories were selected and published in a book form titled “Bala Katha Mala”. The winners were awarded certificates and mementos during the concluding event. The notable factor here, was the winners were mostly from remote villages in all districts of Andhra Pradesh studying in Telugu medium and government schools.

A CD named “Bala Geyalu” was released, with songs written for children, by Radio Annayya Sri. Nyayapathi Raghava Rao. The songs were sung by the children aged between 8 -13 years.

A book with stories for children, written by Akkayya was published, titled “Balanandam volume 2 “Akkayya kathalu”

A two day workshop for children was held in “how to illustrate stories” with the help of eminent artists. Nearly 100 children participated from the twin cities. The most talented 14 children were selected and they illustrated stories in both the books i.e. Bala Katha Mala and Akkayya Kathalu. These children were awarded certificates and mementos during the concluding event.

A special issue (souvenir) about Akkayya was published with articles about her achievements and life written by many well known personalities.

Akkayya’s centenary was also celebrated in Melbourne, Australia. A cultural programme by children of Melbourne was organized. The children performed musical plays and other dramas written by Akkayya and Annayya. The elders recalled their association with them and Balananda Sangham.

The Concluding Event

The concluding event was held at Ravindra Bharathi on 24th December 2008. Many ex child members not only from twin cities, districts, and other states but also from USA and Australia have specially made efforts to attend and participate in the function.

On this occasion Balanandam Sangham released the following:

  1. Silver coin commemorating the occasion
  2. Release of the book “Bala Katha Mala” stories written and illustrated by children.
  3. Release of “Balanandam volume -2 Akkayya kathalu” stories written by Akkayya for children and illustrated by children.
  4. Release of special centenary issue (souvenir)
  5. Release of CD “Bala Geyalu” a musical album of children’s songs written by Annayya and sung by children.