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About Us

Welcome to Andhra Balananda Sangham (ABS)

Welcome to Andhra Balananda Sangham, fondly referred to by many as Balanandam.

Balanandam is the first children's organization for Telugu speaking children founded by Sri. Nyayapathi Raghava Rao and Smt. Nyayapathi Kameswari, popularly known as "Annayya" and "Akkayya".

They were amongst the first people to recognize that children who develop their talent in different cultural fields and in a stress free atmosphere grow up to be more responsible and successful citizens. Their theory proved to be correct when we see the number of people successful in their chosen fields, who were groomed by them.

Sri. N. Raghava Rao along with his wife Smt.N. Kameswari are well known for developing childrens personality through fine arts. Scores of people were encouraged by them and have made their mark in various fields.

Both Annayya and Akkayya were honoured, not only by many associations throughout the state, but also the Government of Andhra Pradesh for their pioneering work.

Our Mission

The main objective of Balanandam is to encourage all children irrespective of their religion, caste or financial status to develop their talent in a stress free atmosphere.

It is a well known fact that the children these days are more exposed to adult themes in the media. Many works of Annayya and Akkayya and also of other writers of children’s books are lying in boxes waiting to see the light. The children need such literature available to them. Many songs written for them are lying unutilized. They need to be recorded and should be heard by children. There is so much theatrical talent in children, which needs a platform. Unadulterated children’s entertainment should be encouraged so that they will learn the right values and grow up to be good citizens.

Andhra Balananda Sangham is committed to encourage the usage of Telugu amongst Telugu speaking children. It was the dream of Annayya and Akkayya that children should respect and learn to speak their mother tongue. Keeping their ideals intact, all the activities are conducted in Telugu at Balanandam even today.

The member ship fee, which started as One rupee per annum in 1940 has become Rs.100 as Life membership. They cease to be child members when they attain 15yrs of age.



Our Regular Activities

Apart from organising various events every year,we offer many coaching classes in different art forms every day. They are as follows:

Bharatanatyam classes are run thrice a week. Trained dance teacher conducts these classes right from basics to arangaetram level. These children participate in many programmes and their ballets are well appreciated. The senior student’s group were invited to participate in different dance festivals held in other states like Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and in different districts of Telangana.

Carnatic music classes are run twice a week. This is purely teaching classical music for children who are interested to learn the traditional way.
We conduct Drawing and Painting classes twice a week. These children participate in different art exhibitions and competitions. Also we hold art exhibitions and exhibit art work of our students. Many well known artists are invited to interact with these children.

Balanandam Choir:  Light Music is very popular and children really enjoy learning. We identify talented children and make them a part of Choir . This group meets on every Sunday for two hours to learn songs in light music genre. This group has become very popular and well appreciated by the public. They are also invited to participate in programmes organised by other organisations in different auditoriums and events. Also they are taught techniques in singing in recording studios.every year they record a few songs and a ballet with orchestra in professional studio. These songs are performed on stage during Balanandam events held yearly in reputed Auditoriums.

Summer Camp:  In summer we also run Summer Camp for a month. Children learn Group dances, Light Music, Drama, Mime, Drawing and Painting. We celebrate events like Gurupuja, Batukamma festival vinayaka chavithi and Rama Navami Bhavan, bhogipallu during Sankranthi.

Theatre festival competitions:  We conduct Theatre festival competitions every year from November to January for all children. The competitions are held in our ” Balanandam Bhavan” Mini Auditorium. All children are welcome to participate in any competition they like. The events are different genres of music and dance and also in some more disciplines like fancy dress, telugu padyaalu, drawing and painting etc. Trophies and certificates are given to winners on our anniversary day which is a big event. All competitions are held only in TELUGU.


This organization has no financial support from any Government institution. It is running purely with the assistance of the kind hearted public. It is a non profit organization established solely with a view to make childhood an enjoyable phase.