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Sri. Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh facilitated the move of the head quarters to Hyderabad.


Sri. C.N. Prasad, Sri. G.L. Narasimham, Annayya with Sri. Burgula Ramakrishna Rao when he visited Balanandam in Madras.


In 1956, on October 23rd, a week before the formation of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Balananda Sangham Hyderabad was inaugurated by Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh. The building no. 10, CIB special quarters in Narayanaguda was allotted on hire purchase, from the housing board to run the office and sangham activities.

Soon after the formation of Andhra Pradesh a new wave of enthusiasm arose and steps were taken to organize the 4th A.P. state Telugu children’s conference with the assistance of Government of Andhra Pradesh. Sri. V.B. Raju, Social welfare minister and the local volunteer organizations coordinated the organization.

Though the conference was scheduled for Dassara holidays, it was later decided to hold this along with children’s day celebrations on November 14th. Exhibition Grounds stalls were provided to accommodate the delegates from districts.

Earlier, the delegates of the conference met to formulate the regulations of the provincial Balananda sanghams. Delegates from all over the state participated in cultural programmes.

 1958 saw the formation of our zonal units at Secunderabad and Seethaphalmandi on the eve of inauguration of AIR shortwave transmitter. Our members have presented a Dance ballet symbolizing the event.



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